Interview: Chrono Trigger Fans with Greg Werner (One Piece Podcast)

Episode 4 August 06, 2018 00:55:35
Interview: Chrono Trigger Fans with Greg Werner (One Piece Podcast)

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How exactly does one find themselves sitting on a toilet in Japan, looking back on a life of Sailor Moon, Akira Toriyama, and Chrono Trigger? We have quite the story to tell as Nick G and Greg talk about growing up as a fan of Chrono Trigger, its influence on Greg's life, and a little bit about Dragonball, Final Fantasy, and Akira Toriyama along the way! ## Where can I learn more about Greg Werner? If you want to learn more about Greg Werner and his work, you can check out: - YouTube: [ochimusha108]( - Twitter: [@ochimusha108]( - One Piece Podcast: []( - One Piece Official Website: []( ## What is [the Race Against Time (IV)]( > Now in its fourth year running, the Race Against Time is an annual charity marathon to raise money for the Alzheimer Society of Canada by beating the SNES classic, Chrono Trigger, as many times as possible in 24 hours. This year, the event is running every week until August 11 and 12 for the main event (see website for detailed schedule). > > Alzheimer's is a terrible disease that slowly robs those afflicted of their memories, and, eventually, their very sense of being. We are racing to help preserve those memories of loved ones and for a cure to stop it once and for all! > > All donations go directly to the Alzheimer Society of Canada. You can donate right now at [](! ## Sources - Opening music, ["Diggin' til the Very End"]( by Dj CUTMAN used under [CC BY-NC-SA]( - Ending music, ["Bounty Hunter"]( by Dj CUTMAN used under [CC BY-NC-SA](

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