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  1. Fanthropological Finale: In the End

    Wow. This it… the end of an era. How do you summarize four years of exploring the breadth of human fandom? This week, we talk about the journey from the beginning to the end of Fanthropological, what we learned, loved, and hated… and so much more! ## Where can I get ...


  2. Fanthropological Finale: Fanthropological AUs (⅔)

    As we continue wrapping up Fanthropological, we talk about several alternate universes (AUs) of topics we could have covered. Topics we would have liked to have covered * Number 5 * Z’s Choice: Haruki Murakami, or <insert niche author du jour> * ...


  3. Fanthropological Finale: Cover to Coverage (⅓)

    If you’re joining us for the first time, sorry to say this is the beginning of the end of Fanthropological. Join us as we revisit our favourite episodes (and maybe check them out)! Our favourite episodes: * Number 5 * [Z’s Choice: Zelda]( ...


  4. Are sequels good for Fandom?

    Inspired by our upcoming charity marathon, the Race Against Time, we’re back to talking about sequels and how they change fandom. A fandom can live off of very little material (e.g. Reboot, Chrono Trigger) … but what happens when there is a sequel? Is that a good thing? In particular, we ...


  5. Where does fandom end?

    What happens 30 years after a TV show finishes? Is the fandom … over? What is the relationship between a series ending and a fandom ending? And what happens if the creator turns out to be an _awful_ person. This week it’s all over as we talk about the role ...