Escape Rooms - Behind the Fandom with Errol (Room Escape Divas)

Episode 5 February 09, 2019 01:12:47
Escape Rooms - Behind the Fandom with Errol (Room Escape Divas)

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We're locked in again for another 60ish minutes to better understand fans of escape rooms, this time with escape room enthusiast Errol ([Room Escape Divas]( A follow-up to [our previous episode on Escape Rooms]( ## Episode Outline **Topics:** Escape Rooms, Puzzles, Escape Room Industry, Social Gaming, the future of Escape Games, Puzzle Solving Strategies ## Where can you find Errol? He can be heard on [Room Escape Divas]( as well as producing a multitude of articles & information at [The Codex](! ## Where can you find us? Pretty much everything we do is `something/thenickscast`, but in specific... * If you're looking for this podcast (Fanthropological), you can find it at []( or on different podcatchers including [Spotify](, [Apple Podcasts](, [Google Podcasts]( and many others! * Keep up-to-date with our latest goings-on on [Facebook](, [Twitter](, or [Instagram](, all `@thenickscast` * We also occasionally create extra content about fandom including convention coverage and interviews on []( * We have some fine merchandise available at []( (and we'd love your support!) * If all else fails, you can email us: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) ## What is "Fanthropological"? Every week, Fanthropological delivers over an hour of fandom-related "fanalysis" covering a different fandom every week and giving you hard data, history, special guests, and, of course, speculation! We cover topics spanning the gamut of anime, manga, comics, video games, comics, movies, books, television, and, in general, geek culture. ## Credits * All other music and sound for this week's episode were provided by Nick Green!

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