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  1. Vaporwave - The Internet’s Muzak

    # Description In 2013, two short years after it first appeared on the internet, Vaporwave was declared "dead". And yet, it still lives and has spawned a brood of micro-genres (Simpsonwave, Zeldawave, Glo-Fi, Mallsoft) in 2019. And what about the fans? Somehow, we try to tackle what this music is and ...


  2. Pathfinder - Further Listening with Caleb & Christian from Pathfinder Academy

    # Description To expand on our episode on Tabletop Gaming, G & Z sit down with Caleb & Christian from the Trailblazer Network (home of Pathfinder Academy and Trailblazers) to talk about how they got started with Pathfinder over D&D, their experiences as both players and GMs and some of the ...


  3. Digimon - Digital Marketing

    This week on the show, the Nicks take a look at the fate that's befallen Digimon & its fans! Is it always doomed to trail in the shadow of Pokemon or is it underappreciate genius ahead of its time?? ### Fandom Facts * Digimon has spawned 7 anime series, 16 ...


  4. Harry Potter - Back to Hogwarts with the Real Weird Sisters

    # Description We return to Hogwarts to chat with the Real Weird Sisters about why *Harry Potter* is so important to fandom in general and **still** so popular. This episode is a follow up to our (very) early episode about the series [here]( And who are The Real Weird Sisters? Hailing from Bozeman, ...


  5. Mycology - Psilocybin There Done That

    ### Fandom Facts * Relative to Mushrooms (general), not a lot of folks are looking up information on magic mushrooms (Psilocybin), [or even mycology](,%2Fm%2F057v5,%2Fm%2F09l4w) and are getting more interested in mushrooms over time * There are at least five different subreddits on mushrooms, all tackling a different aspect ...