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Exploring the weird and wonderful world of fandoms! Every week, we deliver fandom-related "fanalysis" complete with hard data, guests, and, of course, rampant speculation!

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  1. #30 - Cyberpunks

    The Nickscast wanders down a gritty alleyway, away from the bright lights and ads to jack-in to their terminals to talk about fans of cyberpunk! Is cyberpunk still relevant to today? What happened to it all? What does it mean for a work to be cyberpunk (vs transhuman) and what ...


  2. #29 - Twin Peaks Fans

    This Nickscast are entering the spooky woods, going beneath the surface to see what's really going on in the weird world of Twin Peaks fandom! Why did it get a revival? Are there really a lot of Twin Peaks fans? We'll get the fans-eye view (and no backwards talking) on ...


  3. #28 - Transfans

    This Nickscast are covering an unfortunately named fandom: TransFans (Transformers fans). What is it about a franchise so tied to toys and the 80s that helps its fandom to grow and thrive today? What is its key demographic? Why did Orson Welles get involved in the Tranformers movie? And where ...


  4. #27 - Sherlockians

    The Nickscast discuss why a man who "died" over one hundred years ago is still popular today: We're talking about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's most famous work, Sherlock Holmes and, more appropriately, its fans, *Sherlockians*. How is it that one set of stories sparked so many different pastiches, re-interpretations and ...


  5. #26 - SPNFamily

    The Nickscast discuss why a show targeted towards men became unexpectedly popular with women and has continued to grow in popularity: We're talking about the SPNFamily (Supernatural fans!). How is the show so popular after even after twelve seasons? How does it differ from its peers? What keeps its fans ...