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  1. #34 - James Bond Fans

    What makes 007 oh-so-beloved by fans? On this week's episode, the Nickscast (and special guest friend, Tom) talk about why it is that folks are such a fan of the intruiging English spy, James Bond! Next week, we'll be dipping our toes into the Whedonverse as we talk about fans of ...


  2. Live at YetiCon: Pokemaniacs

    Breaking News! Were you at YetiCon? If so, you may have been a part of our live podcast: *A Fanthropological View of Pokemon*! What is it that keeps a franchise going for over twenty years? Why do fans continue to flock to it? Who are the fans of Pokemon anyway? Stay tuned, ...


  3. #33 - Cinephiles (ft. EFG Nick)

    The Nickscast talks all things film, film fandom, cinema... you name it as they try to figure out the allure of the silver screen when they talk about Cinephiles! They are not alone in their efforts; this week, Epic Film Guys Nick joins the fray and drops some knowledge bombs ...


  4. #32 - Bollywood Fans

    ## Episode outline ### [Last Time's]( Famous Last Words **Z**: In *The Simpsons*, when Apu lives with the Simpsons temporarily, they watch a Bollywood movie together. That movie now exists. **G**: Are western fans of Bollywood also interested in Indian culture in general? **T**: What is the most ridiculous Bollywood film that exists? ### ...


  5. #31 - Lord of the Rings Fans

    ## Episode outline ### Fandom Facts **Origins:** Published between 1954-55, the Lord of the Rings is J.R.R. Tolkien's epic fantasy story, following the adventures of Frodo and many others, hoping to stop the evil lord Sauron. **Fandom Origins:** The fandom started early on with letters being written to Tolkien about Middle-earth and the characters. In ...