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  1. #39 - Rock Progressivo Italiano Fans

    We arrive in Italy, and rather than diving into a fandom, we dive into a history lesson on Italy, Progressive Rock, and its liberating love child, Rock Progressivo Italiano (RPI)! What is it? How is it different than prog rock in general? Why is its own subgenre? Some of these, ...


  2. #38 - Arsène Lupin Fans

    Upon arriving in France, we are swept away by a mysterious man who is out to steal our riches... and our hearts! This week, we're talking about one of the first, classic gentleman thieves: Arsene Lupin! Why was he less popular than Sherlock Holmes? Where is he now (figuratively)? Next week, ...


  3. #37 - Beatlemaniacs (ft. Graeme from Reality Bomb)

    We start season four with a bang, and a world tour, traveling across the globe and through time (not really) with special guest, Graeme of Reality Bomb! We're talking about fans of the fab four, _Beatlemaniacs_ (aka Beatles Fans). What was it about this iconic pop group that left such ...


  4. #36 - Disney Fans

    This is it! We're at the season finale! And what better way to end the season than by talking about the beloved Disney franchise and its fans... maybe even a musical number? Maybe not. Given the vastness of Disney fandom (live action, animated movies, particular franchises) we just barely scratch ...


  5. #35 - Browncoats

    Raze the land and boil the sea; you can't take this week's podcast from... us? What is it about this _Joss Whedon_ franchise that has survived cancellation and a lack of conclusion? Why is it that so many are such adamant fans of this short-lived series? This week, we're talking ...