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  1. #42 - World of Warcraft Fans

    Oh no! We've been transported into a world _inside the computer_ where we need to defeat big bads with the help of our monster pals! That's right, we're in China talking about the world's most popular massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG), World of Warcraft! Why _is_ it so popular ...


  2. #41 - Figure Skating Fans

    This week, we do our best to keep up with our Russian rivals as we skate (or die) to defend Canada's honour as we talk about fans of that _hot_ sport, figure skating! The _burning_ question we have is... how important is Yuri!!! on Ice to the fandom? And how ...


  3. Time and Space Adventures: SuperWhoLock

    This week, we interrupt our global fandom safari for a matter of dire urgency! ~~People are wrong on the internet!~~ There is a crisis that only the Doctor, the Winchester brothers, Holmes and Watson can solve (and possibly the Avengers if they aren't busy?)! That's right, this week, we're getting ...


  4. #40 - Coffee Fans

    What is it about that bitter (or sometimes sweet) morning delight that makes people such a fan? This week, we're talking about fans of coffee, and if there is more to it than its magical (and addictive) effects. What is it that has folks questing for the perfect brew? Next week, ...


  5. Live at ConBravo: Chrono Trigger

    We interrupt our world-wide trip with a trip through TIME. This week, we travel back to ConBravo! 2017, to our panel where we talked about the greatest game of all time (and greatest fandom?), Chrono Trigger! Why has this game remained popular over the years? Timing? Team? Time Travel? Let's ...