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  1. Does fandom belong to the stans?

    It’s all coming together people: the role of the artist, problematic works / creators, media criticism, consumerism and capitalism… and at the heart of it? Stans. As far as fandom goes, is it the stans who rule the roost? And is that for the better… or for the worse?! In particular, ...


  2. Should fandoms be political? (Yes)

    Everything you consume is political; 100%! _It cannot be avoided_ and, really, that point shouldn’t be avoided _anyway_! Why then do people insist that the fandoms and media that they participate in be apolitical? This week, we’ve definitely got things to say! In particular, we talk about: * How media ...


  3. Can we cut it out with the remakes?!

    Are you ready for the next… Labyrinth? _Stripes_?! Who is coming up with these remakes, and why can’t we get new material? This week, we’re talking all about the world of fandom, adaptations, reboots, and so on! In particular, we talk about: * How money is an important contributor in ...


  4. Do fans need to meet face-to-face?

    With the world in the middle of a global pandemic, it’s time to try to answer the question, as fans, do we _need_ to meet face to face? While it goes without saying that we don’t _have_ to meet face to face… how does that change the wide world of ...


  5. Should we cry over anime boys?

    Should we get emotionally attached to fictional characters? Of course we do, intentionally or not… but _should_ we? No guarantees that we get anywhere near addressing that, but we definitely dig into how and why people get attached to characters (for good reasons… and for reasons)! In particular, we talk about: * ...