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Exploring the weird and wonderful world of fandoms! Every week, we deliver fandom-related "fanalysis" complete with hard data, guests, and, of course, rampant speculation!

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  1. Sonic The Hedgehog - Suckin' On Chili Dogs

    What kind of obscure lore will we unearth about Sonic "the" Hedgehog (Or is it Sonic "Maurice" Hedgehog)? Only time will tell, unless you're too slow! Fortunately, we have special guest Matt (AKA SonicMTD) to help us out! And that wraps up Season 8! Join us in a few short weeks ...


  2. Interview: Sailor Moon Fans with Jason (Tuxedo Unmasked)

    What if you had one chance, one shot to talk with a super-fan about Sailor Moon fandom and how it lead to moving across the globe from to Japan? Well, you'd be in the position Nick T is in as he chats with Jason, author of _Tuxedo Unmasked_ to get ...


  3. Bob's Burgers - Sexy Dance Fighting

    Could it be that Bob's family is... DEAD?! Probably not, but fan theories are just part of chronicling an obsession as we talk with Bob's Burgers experts Jen and Briddany about fans of, well, Bob's Burgers! Next week, a blue streak speed by... what fandom could we be talking about to ...


  4. Yu Yu Hakusho - Knife Edge Death-Match

    This would have been a podcast about a great delinquent kid who grows up with friendship and fighting and the underworld... except we died? We have special guests, [The YuYu Hakushow]( joining us this week to talk about the fans, fandom, and the 90s attitude of, well, Yu Yu Hakusho! Next ...


  5. Chrono Trigger - Avocado Toast at the Millennial Fair

    Will fans of this classic SNES gem be lost to Lavos, or will they endure, like Gaspar at the end of time? Where does Chrono Cross figure into the whole situation? Fortunately, we know someone who wrote the book (well, _a_ book) on the subject: we're talking with Michael P. ...