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Exploring the weird and wonderful world of fandoms! Every week, we deliver fandom-related "fanalysis" complete with hard data, guests, and, of course, rampant speculation!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Halo - Hail to the Chief!

    When you find yourself in a universe (or franchise) that's constantly expanding, filled with horrifying zombie aliens, a religious war, and ancient alien technology (and even more ancient-er aliens)... it's time to sit back, read a million books, and learn about the lore, universe, and fandom of Halo! ...And we couldn't ...


  2. Team ICO - The "Games As Art" Episode

    What happens when you find yourself in a beautiful world as a silent protagonist and a non-verbal story? You _might_ end up getting into a "games as art" discussion with a special guest Nick! We're talking about fans of the works of Team ICO (i.e. ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, ...


  3. Shrek - Kickin' It Into Ogredrive

    SOMEbody once told me this podcast's gonna roll me. I ain't the sharpest ogre in the swamp. Er, we're trying to find out what's under the various layers of the Shrek fandom. Memes? Sincerety? More memes? Is it infinite? PLUS, we have special guest Alicia Kraft of the Ogrecast to help ...


  4. Minisode: Subs or Dubs?

    Long ago in a distant land, we, the Nickscast, reminisced about the changing landscape of anime fandom from time immemorial to the present, and, in particular, the rivalry of subtitled and dubbed anime... and why it was never about either format. We're back with new content and a new season starting ...


  5. Minisode: What is the difference between an Anime fan and an Otaku?

    When you've got nothing else to argue about, why not be pedantic on the internet? For once, T and Z are not arguing against each other but instead, trying to dig into the etymological and psychological distinction between Anime fan and Otaku. G avoids bringing up Japanimation... crap. We're taking a ...