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  1. Escape Rooms - Behind the Fandom with Errol (Room Escape Divas)

    We're locked in again for another 60ish minutes to better understand fans of escape rooms, this time with escape room enthusiast Errol ([Room Escape Divas]( A follow-up to [our previous episode on Escape Rooms]( ## Episode Outline **Topics:** Escape Rooms, Puzzles, Escape Room Industry, Social Gaming, the future of Escape Games, Puzzle ...


  2. Rush - The Geddy Lee Division

    After more than 40 years, what keeps fans interested in the band (and why on earth is there convention for them)? ## Episode Outline **Topics:** RushCon, Female fans in Progressive Rock, Ayn Rand, Fan Loyalty, Geddy Lee, Lyricism ### First Impressions #### Z: This is difficult for me to really pin down. I've been a ...


  3. The Office - Peak White Guy Butthurt Feelings

    The Office is a phenomenally popular show and fans can't seem to get enough, even after its 9 seasons ended in 2012. Is it the best show ever made or a moment in time that's shown itself to be problematic? ## Episode Outline **Topics:** The Office, Sitcoms, Long-Running Shows, Problematic Characters, Feel-Good ...


  4. Fortnite - Flossing as a Third Space

    The explosive growth of fortnite is undeniable, but is it because it's the latest battle royale / minecraft mashup, or because it is a place where folks (especially kids) can actually hang out? ## Episode Outline **Topics:** Fortnite, Video Games, Youth Culture, Growing Up, Battle Royale Games, Sandbox Games, Third Space, Society ### ...


  5. Fanthropological - Episode 100 Spectacular

    It's season 10 and well past our 100th episode! Why not celebrate by looking at fans... of Fanthropological? We cover trivia of all 99+ episodes in an all-out battle to knock-the-other-Nick-out... or at least see who is the biggest Fan in Fanthropological. **Sources** - [ReMix: Sonic the Hedgehog "Gotta Start from Somewhere"]( by ...