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  1. Beyblade - A New Spin on an Old Top

    Who would’ve thought that spinning battle tops could enchant kids and adults alike? And that the franchise has more in common with Transformers than meets the eye? Definitely not us -- listen along as we learn about the fandom that shouts “Let it Rip!” with glee. ## Episode Outline **Topics:** Beyblade as ...


  2. RWBY - Questionably Animated Authorial Intent

    We dig into authorial intent, the challenges of animation, and fan work (and entitlement) as we talk about Rooster Teeth’s RWBY and its fans! ## Episode Outline **Topics:** RWBY (obviously), Anime, Linguistics, the _Tales of_ series, authorial intent, dudebros, expectations and fan work ### Fandom Facts “RWBY (pronounced "ruby") is an American anime-style web ...


  3. Star Wars - It's Been a Minute

    # Description We hopped back into the Millenium Falcon with Alex Robinson of The Star Wars Minute podcast to get an inside look at Star Wars fandom (and to try to figure out how anyone could watch the prequels a minute at a time)! ## Episode Outline **Topics:** Phantom Menace Number, Barnacle Facts, ...


  4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - We All Sound Like Teenagers From the 90s

    This week, the Nicks tackle iconic 90s nerdy show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They'll talk about the emergence of genre television, what Buffy means as a Strong Female Characters & how the whole world now sounds like 90s teens! Here are some of the sources we used for the episode: [The Importance ...


  5. Transformers - Trukk not Munky and other things Ruined Forever

    Anthony of the [Transformers University podcast]( joins us to clear the air about what Transformers fandom is actually like… and about how the fandom may be held together with duct tape. You can here our original take here: []( ## Where can you find us? Pretty much everything we do is `something/thenickscast`, but ...