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  1. What makes a good tabletop experience?

    Combined, we’ve been playing tabletop games (let’s admit it, mostly Dungeons and Dragons) for decades, but what is it about a game that takes it from a good one, to a great one? We try to answer the question “what makes a great tabletop experience?” (And the answer _isn’t_ everyone ...


  2. Are you too old for this?

    Hopefully, the phrase “Aren’t you too old for this?” has come up less and less as time goes on… but it still comes up! We dig into what it even means to be too old for fandom! * Why do people try to relive their childhood (and is it ...


  3. Is it ok to be a fan of bad things?

    New year, new format, new episode! This week, we ask the question “Is it ok to be a fan of bad things?”. Disregarding what _bad_ means, we dig into: * Solidarity in fans of bad media * Bad media as a metaphor for life * Bad media ...


  4. Marvel Cinematic Universe - The Endgame of Fandoms?

    How the heck do you summarize a fandom about eleven years of films… themselves spanning twenty-three movies so far?! We’ve reached the endgame of this infinity war of fandoms, folks… and it’s time to put everything in perfect balance. ## Episode Outline **Topics:** Representation in media, fan entitlement, discrimination in fandom, death ...


  5. Steven Universe - They’re … Space Rocks!

    Here we are in the future... and talking about the lessons, culture, and fandom of Steven and the Crystal Gems! Why is it so popular, especially among other contemporary animations? _“Steven Universe is an American animated television series created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network. It is Cartoon Network's first animated ...