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    Spoiler alert: You’ve been warned! We could spoil literally anything! That actor you like? They’re in this! That plot twist? Revealed! Deep lore?! … Probably? In all seriousness, we’re talking about what exactly _are_ spoilers, and how they impact people’s experience with the media that they consume (and, in general, how ...


  2. Is fandom a religion?

    The signs are all there, people! Have you heard the good word (of Firefly)? May the force be with you (and also with you)! Though there’re lots of superficial connections between fandom and religion, could there be a stronger link? Some sort of… divine connection? In this episode, we’re all over ...


  3. Fanthropological World - Philatelists’ Stamp of Approval!

    Tune in to our totally real television show! On this week’s episode, Shakespeare and Nick Frye (the fandom guy) really dig into fans of stamp collecting, and the fascinating history of the hobby and unique origins of its name (philately). Oh drat, looks like Shakespeare is going back to jail again ...


  4. Is fandom a key part of our identity?

    Fandom has changed a lot, and over time has gone from something on the fringe of society to the forefront. Does that also mean that fandom has moved towards a key part, an integral piece of people’s personal identity? In this episode, we dig a bit about representation and self-identification as ...


  5. Who needs canon, anyway?

    It’s fair to say that fans can take things too far, right? To the point of taking certain facts of a series and canonizing (a _biblical_ term) them, deciding which elements are ‘right’ and ‘wrong’? Or even mixing up canon and tradition and requiring long-running media to follow old rules ...