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  1. Minisode: Do Creators Matter?

    What do you do... when the work you love is created by a racist? Or when a work is misogynistic? We dip our toe into the new criticism to talk about the role between creative works, their creators, and fans in fandom... and hopefully aren't problematic ourselves along the way! It's ...


  2. Minisode: Should Fans Be Critical?

    Do fans really vote with their dollars, in terms of endorsing creator behaviour? And can fans just enjoy a thing without projecting criticism (positive or negative) onto it? We're going to try to argue one way or the other (well, we'll definitely succeed at the arguing part). It's the holidays, which ...


  3. M*A*S*H - Time Capsule of a Mainstream Fandom

    Where is the fandom today, and would they even want a M*A*S*H reboot? What would that even look like? We're giving you the best care anywhere* (as far as a podcast goes) on this week's episode! *Please consult with your physician for any actual medical care you may need. We are ...


  4. Pro Wrestling - It's All "Fake"

    Why do people care so much about whether or not wrestling is fake? And what is it about pro wrestling that reels fans in? All this and more on this week's episode with our own resident expert, G! ## Episode Outline ## Fandom Facts ### [Last Episode's]( Famous Last Words What did we have ...


  5. Earthbound - Definitely Not A Cult!

    How does such a small franchise maintain a strong fanbase almost thirty* years later? And just what is it about fuzzy pickles and odometers that reel people into the games in the first place? ## Episode Outline ### Fandom Facts **History and Origins:** > The Mother series ... consists of three role-playing video games: ...