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  1. #5 - Moonies

    Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, never running from a real fight, they are the fans of Sailor Moon: Moonies! Why was Sailor Moon so influential in its time? Why has it endured as long as it has? And for that matter, what was it like being a fan ...


  2. #4 - Twilighters

    Love them or hate them, they have definitely been a very visible and vocal fandom, even in the mainstream. This week, we're talking about fans of the Twilight movies and books: Twilighters. What happens when fandoms hit the mainstream? What's the backlash like? What was it that allowed the franchise to ...


  3. #3 - Leafs Fans

    Continuing on their journey out of typical fandoms, this week's Fanthropological starts a foray into sports fandom: Toronto Maple Leafs fans! How are Leafs fans different from other hockey fans? From other sports fans? What is it about one of the most losing-est teams in NHL history that draws people to ...


  4. #2 - Deadheads

    At the Nickscast Fanthropological Institute this week we move away from our wheelhouse and get into a crunchy groove as we dig into an interesting fandom of Americana: Deadheads. In what ways are Deadheads like the modern day fans we've come to know? Which prominent figures also happen to be Deadheads? ...


  5. #1 - Trekkies

    We start off Fanthropological with a look at the fans that often get credit for starting it all: Trekkies. Which activist leader loved Star Trek? What did the fans do when the original series ended? How did the first Star Trek conventions get started? We'll answer all of these questions and more ...