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  1. #10 - Anglophiles

    This week, we take a small jump across the pond to talk about fans of those dashing Brits: Anglophiles! Who are Anglophiles? Is it just Americans who are Anglophiles? What is the appeal? Stay tuned for a smashing good time! Everyone's a fan! Find more like this: []( Find us on social media ...


  2. #9 - Steampunks

    Do you have your your goggles fastened? Are your firmly seated on your velocipede or dirigible? Tune in over the wireless as we talk about Steampunks! What is Steampunk (and is it over)? Who are they and what makes them... tick? Stay tuned (as we stoke the coals)! Everyone's a fan! Find more like ...


  3. #8 - Esperantists

    We take a departure from the ordinary as we get a bit more international, and talk about the "fandom" of this week: Esperantists! What is Esperanto? Are speakers of a language "fans"? What is its appeal and how did its followers come to be? Stay tuned for an educational episode! Everyone's a fan! Find ...


  4. #7 - Potterheads

    You'd best _Accio Seat_ for this episode, as we enter the wizarding world of Harry Potter fandom and talk about Potterheads! What's it like growing up along side the object of fandom? Is Young Adult (YA) just for kids? Why do people of all ages love Harry Potter? Whether you're Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, ...


  5. #6 - Bruce Campbell Fans

    If chins could kill, you'd want to watch out for fans of this week's topic: Bruce Campbell Are fans of Bruce Campbell distinct from similar fandoms (e.g. Evil Dead, Horror)? What makes them special? Does Bruce Campbell do a better job with fanalysis that we do?! Good. Bad. We're the one's with ...