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  1. #15 - Homestucks

    Fire up your Pesterchum (or Trollian) folks, this week we're talking about Homestuck fandom! Who are Homestucks? What's the appeal? And why are they (literally) trolls? There's no gigapause this week as we start our SBURB session! Everyone's a fan! Want to see more awesome fandom content? [Become a Patron on Patreon!]( Find more ...


  2. #14 - Speedrunners

    Playing games makes sense, but racing against the clock in games? This week, we're talking about Speedrunners! What is a speedrun? What is sequence breaking? Is cheating in video games ok in a speedrun?? We're going to go fast in this week's episode! Everyone's a fan! Want to see more awesome fandom content? [Become ...


  3. #13 - Star Wars Fans

    It's a new season, and what better than to draw parallels to our first season by talking about Star Wars fans! What do you call Star Wars fans? Is there really a big difference between them and Star Trek fans? How have they kept fans interested in the 40 years of ...


  4. #12 - Christmas Fans

    As we get closer to the new year, the Nickscast explores a seasonal fandom: Christmas fans? Is there really a fandom for Christmas? If so, what is it? What is it about Christmas? Be sure to deck the halls, and settle in (but not for a long winter's nap!) as we get ...


  5. #11 - Coca-Cola Fans

    This week, we take a 0 calorie (but still great taste) break as we talk about Coca-Cola Fans! Who are Coca-Cola Fans? What sets them apart from other collectors? Why do they start? Relax, and enjoy! Also, this episode was not sponsored at all (surprisingly). Everyone's a fan! Find more like this: []( Find ...